Accountancy, Board of

Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 20-280

Agency History

1907, Chapter 202 (Public Acts)

Board established

1979, Public Act 77-614

Terminated and reestablished as a component of the Department of Consumer Protection

1985, Public Act 85-504

Transferred to the Office of the Secretary of State

1992, Public Act 92-212,

Terminated and reestablished as a separate entity

2011, Public Act 11-48, sec. 37

Transferred to the Office of the Secretary of State

Published Histories/Articles

Not available

Archived State Board of Accountancy website as harvested by the Connecticut State Library, Connecticut Digital Archives.

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of agency publications:

Connecticut. State Board of Accountancy.

Annual Reports are located in:

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]
2002-, online version (see Secretary of the State)

State Archives Record Group: Not available

Names Years of Service


(generally, no head/officer designated)

Raymond G. Laird 1908
Harry Treat Beers 1908-1912
George E. Hill 1908-1911
Frederick C. Manvel 1909-1914
George L. Vannais 1912-1920
John Starkweather 1913-1922
William P. Landon 1916-1921
Irville A. May 1921-1942
Charles Floyd Coates 1922-Jan. 1, 1945
Herbert G. Seward 1923-1928
Emil J. Monde 1929-1931
George F. Campbell 1932-1940
J. William Hope 1941-1948
George W. Childs, Jr. 1943-Jan. 1, 1948


Frederick C. Manvel 1915


James W. Hickey 1945-1948
J. William Hope 1949
John C. McNab 1950
Richard  J. Barry 1951
John C. McNab 1952-1954
Milton H. Friedberg 1954-Sept. 1955
Frederick F. Fischer 1955
Henry Knust 1955-1956
George M. Connors 1956-1961
Bernard J. Zucker 1962
Everett W. Delaney 1963
Henry L. Stern 1964-1968
Joseph J. Hartnett 1969
Manuel Cole 1970
Irving E. Lasky 1971
J. Gregory Hickey 1972
Murray R. Glass 1973
Douglas C. Heaven 1974
Leonard B. Johnson 1975
Pasquale R. Siclari 1976
William S. DeMayo 1977
Earle E. Jacobs, Jr. 1978


John S. Heher 1979-1981
Bernard Blum 1982-1983
Stanley H. Malis 1984-1989
Bernard Blum 1990-2002
Thomas F. Reynolds 2003-2013

Board Administrator

Joseph A. Spagna 1985-1987

Executive Secretary

Joseph A. Spagna 1988
David L. Guay 1989-1992

Executive Director

David L. Guay 1992-2011

SBOA Manager

David L. Guay 2011-present