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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 4-65a

Agency History

1897, Chapter 14 (Public Acts)

Board of Control established

1915, Chapter 302 (Public Acts)

Board of Finance established

1925, Chapter 193 (Public Acts)

Commission on State Institutions established

1927, July 1, Chapter 297 (Public Acts)

Board of Control, Board of Finance, Commission on State Institutions are all abolished, and all their associated responsibilities are merged into the new Board of Finance and Control

1937, Chapter 280 (Public Acts)

Responsibilities transferred to the newly created Department of Finance and Control

1977, October 1, Public Act 77-614

Office of Policy and Management established; Department of Finance and Control is abolished and its Budget and Management Division is assigned to the new Office of Policy and Management. The functions of the following agencies were also transferred to the new Office of Policy and Management:

Department of Planning and Energy Policy
Local Government Bureau of the Department of Community Affairs
Municipal audit and finance functions of the Tax Department
Office of Municipal Assistance and Federal-state relations from the Lieutenant Governor’s Office

2011, July 1, Public Act 11-80

All energy and utility related powers in Policy and Management are transferred to the new Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, including the Connecticut Energy Advisory Board (for administrative purposes only) 

Published Histories/Articles 

Armstead, George B. The State Services of Connecticut. Published under the direction of the Committee on Public Information and the House Committee on Publications of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut. 1946. pp. 16-19 [CSL Call Number ConnDoc G25 ar]

History at Office of Policy and Management webpage.

Archived Office of Policy and Management website as harvested by the Connecticut State Library, Connecticut Digital Archive.

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency available:

Connecticut. Board of Control.
Connecticut. State Board of Finance.

Connecticut. State Board of Finance and Control.
Connecticut. Dept. of Finance and Control.
Connecticut. Office of Policy and Management.

Annual Reports are located in:

Public Documents of the State of Connecticut. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc G25m]

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]
2002-, online version

State Archives Record Group: RG 015

List of Heads


Years of Service

Board of Control : Governor, Comptroller, Treasurer, Attorney General


Board of Finance : Treasurer, Comptroller, Tax Commissioner


Commission on State Institutions : Stanley W. Childs, William A. Hendrick, Seth Low Pierrepont, Elwyn T. Clark, John M. Wadhams




Edward F. Hall


O. Glenn Saxon


Lewis W. Phelps


James B. Lowell


Frank M. Lynch


Joseph M. Loughlin


George J. Conkling


Leo V. Donohue


Adolf G. Carlson


Jay O. Tepper


Anthony V. Milano




Anthony V. Milano


William J. Cibes


Reginald L. Jones, Jr.


Michael W. Kozlowski


Marc S. Ryan


Robert L. Genuario


Brenda Sisco (Acting) 2010-2011
Benjamin Barnes 2011-present

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