Flood Control and Water Policy Commission, State

Agency Website

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 3565 (1949 Revision)

Agency History

1939, Special Acts 39-5 and 39-568

Commission established

1957, Public Act 57-364

Merged with Water Resources Commission

Published histories/articles of the agency:

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Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency:

Annual Reports are located in:

1940-1950, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc W291]

1951-1956, Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F 40 d]

State Archives Record Group: Not available

List of Commission Members and Heads


Years of Service

Sanford H. Wadhams 1939-1956
James Newlands 1939-1954
Charles Hoover 1939-1941
Ernest Averill 1939-1942
Martin Gormley 1939-1946
George L. Burke 1942-1956
William J. Miller 1945-1946
Richard Martin 1947-1952
Edward J. McDonough 1947-1956
William S. Wise 1953-1956
Curtis S. Johnson 1955-1956
Arthur Gosselin 1955-1956
Albert Stowe 1955-1956
Sanford H. Wadhams 1947-1956