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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 27-102l

Agency History 

1887, Chapter 215 (Special Acts)

The Soldiers' Hospital Board  assumed control of Fitch’s Home for Soldiers

1927, Chapter 264 (Public Acts)

Veterans' Home Commission established to administer Fitch’s Home

1947, Public Act 47-319

Name changed to Veterans' Home and Hospital Commission

1988, July 1, Public Act 88-285

Commission abolished; Veterans' Home and Hospital placed within the new Department of Veterans' Affairs


Fitch's Home for Soldiers and Orphans was located in Darien, Connecticut.  Also known as the Noroton Home, it was erected by Benjamin Fitch for soldiers and the children of soldiers and was dedicated July 4, 1864.  It was incorporated by legislation in 1864 and until 1883 the Home received limited aid from the State of Connecticut.  On May 1, 1887, the Connecticut State Soldiers' Home Board assumed control of the Home and renamed the facility Fitch's Home for Soldiers.

On Aug. 28, 1940, Fitch's Home for Soldiers was vacated.  Everyone moved to the new facility in Rocky Hill.  The building and grounds were turned over to the State Military Dept.

On Sept. 14, 1940, a new Veterans' Home at Rocky Hill, constructed and equipped by the State of Connecticut and the United States as a Public Works Administration project, was dedicated.

Published Histories/Articles

Deceased Veterans Discharge File, 1882-1936, a database consisting of veterans’ files from Fitch’s Home for Soldiers, compiled by the Connecticut State Library

History of Connecticut Veterans' Home, at the Connecticut Department of Veterans' Affairs website

Armstead, George B. The State Services of Connecticut. Published under the direction of the Committee on Public Information and the House Committee on Publications of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, 1946. pp. 152-158 [CSL Call Number ConnDoc G25 ar]

Agency Documents

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Annual Reports are located in:

1887-1908, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc So42r] (Soldiers’ Hospital Board)

1927-1943, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc V64] (Veterans' Home Commission)

1947-1988, Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d] (Veterans' Home and Hospital Commission)

State Archives Record Groups : RG 002,  RG 005,  RG 013,  RG 073

List of Members/Heads


Years of Service

Board Members  
Alfred B. Beers 1887-1888
L.A. Dickinson 1887-1888
George M. White 1887-1888
Leonard Dickinson 1900
Alfred Beers 1900-1905
William E. Morgan 1900-1905
Henry R. Jones 1901-1904
Gustavus D. Bates 1905-1906
Robert Kerr 1906-1907
George W. Couch 1906-1908
Simeon J. Fox 1907
Edwin S. Wheeler 1908-1909
Albert A. May 1908-1911
Edward A. Fuller 1909-1910
Alfred B. Beers 1910-1920
David W. Sharpe 1912-1915
Charles Fenton 1911-1914
Loren D. Penfield 1915
John H. Thacher 1916-1925
Virgil F. McNeil 1916-1925
Andrew Gordon 1921-1924
Charles F. Beck 1922-1927
Justus J. Fennel 1922-1927
Ira R. Wildman 1925-1927
Christian Swartz 1926-1927
George A. Tucker 1926-1927
Chairman of the Executive Committee  
Alfred B. Beers 1915-1920         
John H. Thacher 1921
Secretary/Treasurer of the Board  
Henry J. Seeley 1922-1927
Chairman of the Commission  
Benedict M. Holden July 1, 1927-Feb. 19, 1937
William J. Wholean 1937
Charles H. Sprague, M.D. 1942
Charles H. Sprague, M.D. 1943-1949
William J. Wholean 1949-1952
Alvin C. Smith 1952-1954
Vice Chairman  
Raymond E. Baldwin 1955
Arthur J. Connell 1955-1962
William J. Powers 1962-1966
Frank Mongillo, M.D. 1966-1974
Robert R. Cherlin 1974-1987
William J. Pomfret 1987-1988
Superintendent of the Home  
Byron W. Munson 1887-1888
James N. Coe [1900-1910
George Robbins 1911-1919
Colonel Henry J. Seeley 1920-1926
Henry J. Seeley 1927
Richard J. Hughes Sept. 1927-1929
William H. Welch 1930-1934
Raymond F. Gates 1935-1952
Raymond Watt 1952-1965
Robert J. Beckwith 1965-Oct. 1, 1978
Robert D. Houley 1978-1980
Nicholas M. Motto 1980-1986
David B. McQuillan (Acting) 1986-1988
David B. McQuillan 1989-1991
Hospital Administrator  
Sharon R. Wood 1988-1997
Norman C. Schipke 1998
Joanne M. Blum 1999-2002
Norman C. Schipke 2003
Vacancy 2004
Healthcare Services Administrator  
Margaret M. Concannon 2005-Present
Director of Residential & Rehabilitative Services  
James S. McKinnon, Jr. 1995-1996
James J. McKinnon, III 1996-2009
Maria Cheney 2009-present