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Statutory Authority

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Agency History

1910, Chapter 120 (1909 Public Acts)

Established by the State Tuberculosis Commission as the Hartford County Home for the Care and Treatment of Persons Suffering from Tuberculosis


Renamed Cedarcrest Sanatorium; name suggested by a student in a contest held through Connecticut schools

1957, Public Act 57-586

Transferred to the newly established Commission on Tuberculosis and Other Chronic Illness

1959, Public Act 59-148

Transferred to the Department of Health as the Office of Tuberculosis Control, Hospital Care, and Rehabilitation

1976, February, Public Act 76-158

Ceased operation as a sanatorium and treatment of chronic diseases; facility transferred to the Department of Mental Health

1977, Public Act 77-200

Reopened as a psychiatric facility and renamed Cedarcrest Regional Hospital

1995, Public Act 95-257

Transferred to the newly established Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Published Histories/Articles

Thorough information is included in the annual reports of the Tuberculosis Commission, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc T791sc]

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency: Not available

Annual Reports are located in:

[CSL Call Number ConnDoc T791sc]
Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]

State Archives Record Group: RG 179 (Special Care Sanatoria)

List of Heads


Years of Service



L. Rogers Morse 1946-Aug. 1, 1952
Reginald C. Edson 1952-1955
Paul S. Phelps 1955-1957
R.C. Edson 1957-1960
John P. Bachman 1961-1972
Wallace W. Turner 1972-1976
Vincenzo Cocilovo 1976-1981
Raimo A. Vaisanen 1981-1983
Carl A. Cappello 1983-1987
Judith Normandin 1987-1991
David Hunter (Acting) 1992
David Hunter 1993-1996
Andrew J. Phillips 1997-1998
John H. Simsarian 1999
Peter Mendelson (Acting) 2000
Brenda Thorington 2007-present

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Mendelson 2001-2002
Susan Graham 2003-Present