Correction, Department of

Agency Website

Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 18-78

Agency History

1968, Public Act 67-152

Established as an administrative merger of:

State Prison
State Farm and Prison for Women
Connecticut Reformatory

State Jail Administration

Board of Parole
(for fiscal and budgetary purposes only, remains autonomous within the Department of Correction)

Published Histories/Articles

See Department of Correction website for dates of operation of jails in Connecticut

Archived Department of Correction website as harvested by the Connecticut State Library, Connecticut Digital Archive.

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency:

Annual Reports are located in:

[CSL Call Number ConnDoc Co80 rp]
Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]
2002-, online version

Department of Correction website

State Archives Record Group: RG 017

List of Commissioners



Years of Service

Ellis C. MacDougall 1968-1970
John R. Manson 1970-1983
Raymond M. Lopes 1983-1987
Larry R. Meachum 1987-1994
John J. Armstrong 1994-2002
Theresa C. Lantz 2003-2009
Brian K. Murphy, Acting 2009-2010
Leo C. Arnone 2010-2013
James E. Dzurenda 2014