Dairy and Food Commissioner

Agency Website

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 2433

Agency History 

1886, Chapter 123 (Public Acts)

Dairy Commissioner established

1909, Chapter 167 (Public Acts)

Name changed to Dairy and Food Commissioner

1947,  June 2, Public Act 47-401

New Food and Drug Commissioner assumes all responsibilities of the Dairy and Food Commissioner, except the dairy division which was transferred to the new Department of Farms and Markets

Published Histories/Articles

Report of the Dairy and Food Commission for Fiscal Period July 1, 1934 to June 30, 1936. “History of the Dairy and Food Commission from its creation in 1886”, pp.13-20. Includes photographs of Commissioners.

Armstead, George B. The State Services of Connecticut. Published under the direction of the Committee on Public Information and the House Committee on Publications of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut. 1946. pp. 129-131.

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency:

Annual Reports are located in:

1887-1946, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc D14]

State Archives: Not available

List of Commissioners

See Annual Report 1934-1936, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc D14] for photos and dates of Commissioners.


Years of Service

James B. Tatem May 1, 1886-April 30, 1890
Gideon B. Winslow May 1, 1890-April 30, 1894
C.S. Burlingame May 1, 1894-May 31, 1896
John B. Noble June 1, 1896-July 27, 1908
Hubert F. Potter (Acting) July 28, 1908-Aug. 11, 1908
Hubert F. Potter Aug. 12, 1908-April 30, 1914
Frank H. Stadtmueller May 1, 1914-Jan. 10, 1918
Thomas Holt Jan. 21, 1918-April 29, 1930
William J. Warner May 29, 1930-April 30, 1934
Edwin G. Woodward May 1, 1934-Nov. 1940
James B. Lowell Dec. 1940-April 1942
John J. Sweeney May 1, 1942-April 1946
Carl M. Sharpe May 1946-June 30, 1947