Domestic Animals, Commissioner on

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 2085

Agency History

1871, July 27, Chapter CXXXV (Public Acts)

State Board of Agriculture is given authority to appoint three Commissioners on Diseases of Domestic Animals

1897, July 15, Chapter CXCIX (Public Acts)

Name changed to Commissioner on Domestic Animals

1947, Public Act 47-401

Commissioner on Domestic Animals eliminated; functions are transferred to the Department of Farms and Markets

Published Histories/Articles

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Agency Documents

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Connecticut. Commissioner on Domestic Animals.

Annual Reports are located in:

1871-1944, [CSL Call Number Conn Doc D71]

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List of Commissioners


Years of Service

State Veterinary Surgeon

Noah Cressy 1872

Veterinary Pathologist to the State

Noah Cressy 1873-1875
E.H. Hyde 1876-1894
T.S. Gold 1876-1894
H.L. Stewart 1876-1882
J.W. Alsop 1884-1893
Eli S. Hough 1894-1895
Clifton Peck 1895-1896
George L. Foskett 1895-1896
Dudley Wells 1896


Wm. B. Sprague 1897-1899
Heman O. Averill 1900-1913
Jeffery O. Phelps, Jr. 1914-1916
J.H. Whittlesey 1917-1929
C.L. Johnson 1930-1932
Edwin R. Dimock 1933-1938
Ray L. Harding 1939-1940
Robert E. Foote 1945-1946