Emergency Management, Office of

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 28-1

Agency History

1951, Public Act 51-1 (June Special Session)

Office of Civil Defense established

1959, Public Act 59-333

Office of Civil Defense becomes a division of the Military Department

1973, Public Act 73-544

Name changed to Office of Civil Preparedness, a division of the Military Department

1979, Public Act 77-614

Office of Civil Preparedness is placed within the new Department of Public Safety for administrative purposes only

1988, October 1, Public Act 88-135

Office of Civil Preparedness becomes the Office of Emergency Management, stays within the Department of Public Safety

1999, Public Act 99-190

Office of Emergency Management transferred to the Military Department for administrative purposes only

2005, Public Act 04-219

Merged into new Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Published Histories/Articles

Not available

Archived Emergency Management and Homeland Security Website, as harvested on 2007-04-10, by the Connecticut State Library, Connecticut Digital Archive.

Agency Documents

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Annual Reports are located in:

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]
2002-2005, online version

State Archives Record Group: Not available

List of Commissioners


Years of Service

Brig. Gen. William Hesketh


Leo J. Mulcahy


William L. Schatzman


J. Raymond Sjostedt


Frank Mancuso


James F. Neale


Robert A. Plant


George Luther (Acting)


John J. Wiltse

Kerry L. Flaherty 2004