Film, Video, and Media Office, Connecticut; Film, Video, and Media Commission, Connecticut

Agency Website

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 32-87(a)

Agency History

1983, Public Act 83-26 (June Special Session)

Connecticut State Motion Picture Film Commission established; often referred to as the Film Commission. Administratively part of the Department of Economic Development

1994, Public Act 94-137

Renamed Connecticut Film, Video and Media Commission; monitors the newly created Connecticut Film, Video and Media Office (often referred to as the Connecticut Film and Video Office)

1995, October 1, Public Act 95-250

Department of Economic Development becomes the Department of Economic and Community Development

2003, Public Act 03-6 (June Special Session)

Both the Film, Video and Media Office and the Commission merged with other agencies to form the Commission on Arts, Tourism, Culture, History, and Film

Published Histories/Articles

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Agency Documents

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Annual Reports are located in:

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor, under the Tourism or Marketing sections of the Dept. of Economic Development and Dept of Economic and Community Development. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]

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List of Commission Chairmen


Years of Service

John J. Carson 1984-1988
Stephen B. Heintz 1989-1990
Joseph J. McGee 1991-1992
Doris Storm 1993-1994
Douglas McAward 1995-2003