Long Lane School

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes 1949 Revision, Sec. 2751

Agency History

1868, Chapter 100 (Private Acts)

Connecticut Industrial School for Girls incorporated as a private charity.


School opened on donated land in Middletown

1921, June 24, Chapter 402 (Public Acts)

Property transferred to the State, and name changed to Long Lane Farm.  About this time, the State set up the Juvenile Court System; Long Lane Farm and the Connecticut School for Boys in Meriden became juvenile detention centers for persons committed by the Juvenile Courts.

1943, Chapter 35 (Public Acts)

Name changed to Long Lane School

1970, January 3, Public Act 69-664

Administratively became part of the new Department of Children and Youth Services (later renamed Department of Children and Families)

1972, Public Act 72-235

Merged with the Connecticut School for Boys; all boys transferred from Meriden to the Long Lane facility

2003, February

Long Lane School facility is shut down; girls are dispersed to facilities throughout the state, boys are sent to the new Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown

Published Histories/Articles 

Armstead, George B. The State Services of Connecticut. Published under the direction of the Committee on Public Information and the House Committee on Publications of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut. 1946. pp. 207-214. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc G25 ar] 

Leavitt, Sarah A.  "Neglected, Vagrant, and Viciously Inclined : The Girls of the Connecticut Industrial School, 1867-1917." B.A. Thesis, Wesleyan University, 1992.  [Available in Special Collections at Olin Library, Wesleyan University]

Mayerwitz, Scott.  Attempted Acquisition of Long Lane, 1956-7.  Wesleyan History Project at Wesleyan University website.

Report on the Reformatory and Prison for Women at Niantic and Long Lane School in Middletown. [1957?] [CSL Call Number ConnDoc P931 rer]

Agency Documents

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 Annual Reports are located in:

1870-1948, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc Sch67]

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]

State Archives Record Group: RG 178:002

List of Commissioners


Years of Service

Rev. J.H. Bradford

Sept. 3, 1869-1873

James H. Eastman (pro tem)

Sept. 2, 1873-1874

S. N. Rockwell

Mar. 4, 1874-1877

Charles H. Bond

Dec. 5, 1877-1886

William G. Fairbank

Sept. 6, 1886-June 1917

Caroline deFord Penniman


Alice P. Sells


Ethel D. Mecum


June C. Tanner

July 1, 1968-1971

Dr. Samuel Santoro


Dr. Charles W. Dean


Dr. Kenneth R. Roulx


Neil G.Nilson


John LaChapelle

1991-August 2000

Douglas McAvay (Acting)


Lesley Mara

August 2000-July 2002

Hamish DeWilde (Acting)


Michael J. Schultz (Acting)

July-October 2002

Roxanne T. O'Brien

October 2002-February 2003