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Opened as Seaside Sanatorium, located at Crescent Beach in Niantic (East Lyme); administered by the State Tuberculosis Commission


Shoreline property in Waterford purchased

1934, February

Patients moved from Niantic to new Waterford facility


Tuberculosis program at Seaside ended; patients were transferred to Uncas on Thames Hospital


Reopened as Seaside Geriatric Hospital; transferred administratively to the Department of Health, Office of Tuberculosis Control, Hospital Care and Rehabilitation. (Possibly administered by Welfare Department for early part of the year.)

1961, February 15

Admissions to Seaside Geriatric Hospital stopped

1961, May

Converted to Seaside Regional Center for the Mentally Retarded, under the administration of the Department of Health, Office of Mental Retardation.

1975, Public Act 75-638

Administration of Seaside Regional Center transfers to the new Department of Mental Retardation


Facility closed, patients transferred to state owned properties in local communities.

Published Histories/Articles

Seaside Regional Center (Waterford, Conn). Twenty Years of Service with the Community. Waterford, the Center, [1981] [CSL Call Number ConnDoc M75sea twe]

Thorough information including photographs is available in the Annual Reports of the Tuberculosis Commission, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc T791sc]

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency:

Annual Reports are located in:

[CSL Call Number ConnDoc T791sc]
Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]

State Archives Record Group: RG 179 (Special Care Sanatoria)

List of Heads


Years of Service

John Francis O'Brien 1919-1946
John F. O'Brien 1947-1951
Cole B. Gibson (Acting) Aug. 6, 1951-1952
Vacancy 1953
Michael A. Ferrara 1954-1958
John P. Bachman 1959-1960
Fred F. Finn 1961-1977
Thomas Sullivan 1978-1984
Toni Richardson 1985
Kathryn duPree 1986-1995