Southbury Training School

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Statutory Authority

1935, Special Act 506.

Agency History

1935, Special Act 35-506

Board of Southbury Training School created

1938, January

Construction begins


School is dedicated; first patients admitted Oct. 15, 1940

1959, Public Act 59-148

Administratively, Southbury is transferred to the Department of Health, Office of Mental Retardation

1975, Public Act 75-638

Administratively, Southbury is transferred to the new Department of Mental Retardation

Published Histories

Armstead, George B. The State Services of Connecticut. Published under the direction of the Committee on Public Information and the House Committee on Publications of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut. 1946. pp. 179-186 [CSL Call Number ConnDoc G25 ar]

Southbury Training School. [Southbury, Conn. The School, 1980] [CSL Call Number ConnDoc So87 so]

Angelastro, Michael. "Southbury Training School (1927-1940)." Master’s Thesis, SCSU, 1965. [Available at Southern Connecticut State University]
Coleman, Laurence J. "Tracing the Implementation of the Training Program at Southbury Training School, 1940-1946." Master’s Thesis, SCSU, 1965. [Available at Southern Connecticut State University]

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency:

Annual Reports are located in:

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]

State Archives Record Group: RG 170 (Department of Mental Retardation)

List of Superintendents/Directors


Years of Service

Ernest N. Roselle

1940-July 1956

Bert W. Schmickel


Frank Giliberty, Acting


Frank Giliberty


Michael J. Belmont


Robert G. Griffith


Steven D. Staugaitis


Thomas J. Howley


Charles Hamad


Charles Hamad, George Moore

2000 (Co-Directors)

Fritz Gorst


Eugene Harvey 2009-present