Special Revenue, Division of

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 12-557c

Agency History

1971, July 1, Public Act 71-85

Commission on Special Revenue established; Commission initiates and administers the Connecticut State Lottery

1979, July 1, Public Act 79-404

Commission on Special Revenue is replaced by a Gaming Policy Board and a Division of Special Revenue within the Department of Business Regulation

1980, July 1, Public Act 80-482

Gaming Policy Board and Division of Special Revenue begin operating under the Department of Revenue Services for administrative purposes only, following the elimination of the Department of Business Regulation

1996, Public Act 96-212

Connecticut State Lottery component of the Division of Special Revenue becomes a quasi-public corporation; name changed to Connecticut Lottery Corporation

2011, July 1, Public Act 11-51

Consolidated into the Department of Consumer Protection, Gaming Division

Published Histories/Articles

“25 Years of Gambling in Connecticut.” Hartford Courant, Feb. 24, 1997, p. A1.

Brief history at the Gaming Division website.

Archived Division of Special Revenue website as harvested by the Connecticut State Library, Connecticut Digital Archive

Agency Documents

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Annual Reports are located in:

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]
2002-, online version

State Archives Record Group: RG 026

List of Heads


Years of Service

Executive Secretary  
Joseph B. Burns 1972-1973
John T. MacDonald 1974-1976
James M. Fitzgerald 1977-1979
Executive Director  
John G. Devine 1980
A.W. Oppenheimer 1981-1986
Orlando P. Ragazzi 1987-1988
William V. Hickey 1989-1990
Demetrious Louzitois, Sr. 1991-1992
Robert W. Werner 1993
John B. Meskill 1994-1996
George F. Wandrak (Acting) 1997-1998
Thomas Rotunda 1999-2000
Susan G. Townsley 2001-2003
Daniel Marchitello (Acting) 2004-2005
Paul A. Young 2005-2011
Kenneth A. Flatto 2011-present