Library, Connecticut State - Brief History of State Agencies

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes, Chapter 188

Agency History

1854, Private Acts

General Assembly provided for the appointment of a State Librarian.

1977, Public Act 77-614

Library placed within the Department of Education for administrative purposes only

Published Histories/Articles

Thorough information including photographs available in the early years of the annual report of the State Librarian. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc St292]
History of the State Library, 1854-1909
The Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court Building

Archived Connecticut State Library website as harvested on by the Connecticut State Library, Connecticut Digital Archive.

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency:

Annual Reports are located in:

Public Documents of the State of Connecticut. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc St292]

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]
2002-, online version

State Archives Record Groups: RG 012,  RG 060,  RG 083,  RG 128 (Ex Libris Club)

List of State Librarians


Years of Service

J. Hammond Trumbull


Charles J. Hoadly

Sept. 1855-Oct. 19, 1900 (upon his death)

George S. Godard

November 28, 1900-1936 (upon his death)

James Brewster


Robert Sale


Walter Brahm


Charles Funk


Clarence Walters


Richard G. Akeroyd, Jr.


Kendall Wiggin


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