Uncas on Thames

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Agency History

1913, Chapter 183 (Public Acts)

February opened as the State Sanatorium at Norwich by the State Tuberculosis Commission


Renamed Uncas-on-Thames Sanatorium

1956, October

Began accepting state welfare wards with chronic diseases needing hospital care

1957, Public Act 57-586

Renamed Uncas-on-Thames Hospital; administration transferred to the Commission on Tuberculosis and other Chronic Illness

1959, Public Act 59-148

Transferred to the Health Department, Office of Tuberculosis Control, Hospital Care, and Rehabilitation

1985, July 1, Public Act 85-424

University of Connecticut Health Center assumes control over Uncas-on-Thames Hospital

1995, June 30

Inpatient services were terminated

Published Histories/Articles

Thorough information including photographs available in the annual reports of the State Tuberculosis Commission, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc T791sc]

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency:

Annual Reports are located in:

[CSL Call Number ConnDoc T791sc]

1947-1983, Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]

State Archives Record Group : RG 179 (Special Care Sanatoria)

List of Superintendents


Years of Service

Hugh B. Campbell 1912-May 15, 1944
William H. Weidman (Acting) 1944
William H. Weidman 1945-July 1948
George C. Wilson Sept. 1, 1948-1970
Norman L. Cressy 1971-1974
Harold W. Schell 1975-1977
Thomas W. Redding 1978-1985