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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 306

Agency History


State Tuberculosis Commission assumes control of the Undercliff Sanatorium in Meriden


Became first sanatorium in the country devoted exclusively to children (per 1952-1953 Digest of Administrative Reports).

1939, Fall, began accepting adults.

1954, May, all children transferred to the the Seaside Sanatorium in Waterford. During 1954, adults were transferred to either Laurel Heights, Cedarcrest, or Uncas on Thames sanatoria.

1954, November 16, facility was made available for other purposes beside tuberculosis, administration for the facility was transferred to the Commission on the Care and Treatment of the Chronically Ill, Aged and Infirm

1956, July 1

Transferred from Commission for the Care and Treatment of the Chronically Ill, Aged and Infirm to the Department of Mental Health; restructured as Undercliff Hospital, a rehabilitation facility for patients from the three state hospitals.

1963, October 1, Public Act 63-275

Statutory change allows Undercliff to function as a mental hospital and accept patients directly from an area designated by the Commissioner of Mental Health, as well as referrals from the state hospitals

1965, January

Accepted and treated direct admissions from the city of Meriden for the first time.

1967, Public Act 67-117

Name changed from Undercliff Hospital to Undercliff Mental Health Center. Meriden-Wallingford Day Care Center begins using buildings on the grounds. Some buildings are transferred to Department of Health and will become the nucleus of the Meriden Regional Center.


Use of facility as an inpatient hospital discontinued; in March admissions are no longer accepted; May 28, 1976, last patient was discharged. Most staff and equipment was transferred to Cedarcrest Hospital in Newington. The outpatient department was placed under the jurisdiction of Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown and continued serving the area.

1977, Public Act 77-220

Transferred administration and control of facility and grounds from Commissioner of Mental Health to Commissioner of Children and Youth Services and the Commissioner of Mental Retardation

Published Histories/Articles

See State Commission on Tuberculosis Annual Reports. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc T791sc]

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency:

Undercliff Mental Health Center (Meriden, Conn.)

Annual Reports are located in:

[CSL Call Number ConnDoc T791sc]

Report of State Tuberculosis Commission [CSL Call Number ConnDoc T791sc] (includes photographs)

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]

State Archives Record Group: RG 179 (Special Care Sanatoria)

List of Heads


Years of Service

J.B. Dinnan 1910-1918
Cole B. Gibson 1919-1946
Cole B. Gibson 1947-1958
Paul M. de la Vergne 1959-1967
Joseph A. Ceha 1968-1969
Vincent Cocilovo 1970-1976