Water Resources Commission

Agency Website

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 25-1

Agency History

1925, Chapter 143 (Public Acts)

Established as State Water Commission

1957, June 1, Public Act 57-364

Water Resources Commission formed by merger of the State Water Commission, State Flood Control and Water Policy Commission and the State Board of Supervision of Dams

1971, Public Act 71-872

Merged into the new Department of Environmental Protection

Published Histories/Articles

Hupfer, Merwin E.  Forty Years of Water Pollution Control in Connecticut. Hartford : Connecticut Water Resources Commission, 1965. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc W292 for]

Agency Documents

Check the State Library catalog for availability of publications by the agency:

 Annual Reports are located in:

1925-1946, [CSL Call Number ConnDoc W291]

1947-1971, Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F 40 d]

State Archives Record Group: RG 079:023

List of Heads


Years of Service

Frederic C. Walcott 1925-1928
Sanford H. Wadhams February 1926-1931, 1934-1946
Richard Martin 1946-April 30, 1952
William S. Wise May 1, 1952-1967
John J. Curry 1967-1971