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This blog provides the latest news for the Connecticut library community from the State Library's Division of Library Development.

New Library Space Planning Guide

A new Library Space Planning Guide has been released. Using this Guide and its accompanying Worksheet, librarians and trustees can obtain a general estimate of their library's space needs, and help initiate a larger facilities planning process. The Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development revised the Guide in 2014. The State Library Board approved the revised version in May 2014.

Statistical Profile of Connecticut Public Libraries for FY2013 Released

The official version of Connecticut Public Libraries: A Statistical Profile, July 2012 – June 2013 has just been released. Also available with the Statistical Profile:Read more

11 Public Libraries Receive State Library Construction Grants

At the November Connecticut State Library Board meeting, the following construction grants were approved:Read more

Public Libraries Complete Annual Report

Officially, Connecticut has 192 public libraries and usually about 180 of them complete the Annual Report and Application for State Aid.  Today, November 15 is the deadline every year.  The data collected from these reports become the basis for Connecticut Public Libraries: A Statistical Profile, as well as the Automatic Chart-Makers and other resources.  The date also is passed on to the federal government which publishes national public library statistics.

Public Library Annual Report Deadline One Month Away

This is a reminder to all public libraries that the deadline for submitting your Annual Report and Application for State Aid is one month away.  Library Directors received the Bibliostat survey access information last July.  Let me know if you need this resent, or if the information should be sent to another person at your library.

The Annual Report is critical for state and national data gathering on public libraries.  For more information, see Annual Report and Application for State Aid.Read more

Public Libraries Should Fill Out the Digital Inclusion Survey

We encourage all Connecticut public libraries to participate in the new Digital Inclusion Survey, which is available through November 15, 2013. The survey will generate unique and valuable data in the areas of digital literacy, economic and workforce development, civic engagement, and public access to the internet.  Also, if you complete this survey, the administrators have said they will be able to pre-load all overlapping data into the EDGE Initiative when it goes live next year!Read more

National Public Library Data Presented Visually

The State Library has been exploring different ways of presenting public library data.  For a look at some of the ways to view national public library data visually, see this Library Data Visualization experiment and be sure to use the available filters to manipulate the results.

FY 2013 Interlibrary Loan Report for Academic Libraries Now Available

The Connecticut Interlibrary Loan Activity, FY2013 is now available in PDF or Excel formats.  24 academic libraries in Connecticut responded to the State Library's survey of interlibrary loan activity.  The public library interlibrary loan report will be available in the Statistical Profile published in December.

Data Visualization of National Public Library Data

The Institute of Museum and Library Services recently released the 2011 Public Library survey data.  The State Library has made this data available for analysis through a data visualization tool called Tableau Public.  Using the filters available, users can look at library use and financial data for various parts of the country, both by individual libraries and through statewide comparisons.  Visit the National Library Data (all libraries), and Read more

Public Library Annual Report

Information on completing the 2013 Annual Report and Application for State Aid has just gone out by e-mail to all public library directors. If you are a library director who did not receive this information, please let me know. The Annual Report is critical for state and national data gathering on public libraries. The only major change to the survey this year is the elimination of the printed certification form.Read more

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