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Account Books, Diaries, and Journals

thumbnail of page from Matthew Grant's diaryEarly account books, diaries, and journals from the collections are found in the State Archives. These are excellent tools for researchers needing primary historical materials.

See also: Finding Aids: Manuscripts

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Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records

The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records is an index to and transcription of most towns' vital (birth, marriage, death) records from the inception of the town to about the year 1850. It is one of the indexes included in the Genealogy Index Search that we offer.


The Barbour collection was named for Lucius Barnes...

Genealogy Indexes
Charles R. Hale Collection


The Hale Collection includes Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions, Newspaper Marriage and Death Notices, ca. 1750-1865, and the Veterans' Deaths Index. See the pages linked below for more information.


The Charles R. Hale Collection is the legacy of an...

Veteran's Death Index
Church Records Index

The Church Records Abstracts were digitized by See the link below to CT State Library Collections for more information.


The Church Records index (one of the indexes included in the Genealogy Index search that we offer) covers about one-quarter of the church records held by the...

Genealogy Indexes
City Directories

Before the advent of telephone directories, city directories provided information about local communities. Early directories contained lists of individuals, their addresses, and occupations. Later directories included additional information and could include: a yearly calendar, street maps, railroad schedules, and engravings of public buildings, along with local information about town offices, courts, public schools, various societies, and business listings. Some directories even included marriage, birth, and death information.

The State Library has an extensive collection of...

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Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company

Photo from the Connecticut State Archive of a Colt pistolThis collection includes images of company administrators, employees, visitors to the Armory, interior and exterior factory views (including from...

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Congressional Serial Set Description

The United States Congressional Serial Set is a bound compilation of House and Senate Documents and House and Senate Reports. Publication began with the 15th Congress/1st session (1817). Documents of the first fourteen Congresses (1789-1816) were published in the American State Papers. The serial number is a unique number applied to each book in the series running consecutively from the 15th Congress. Information on the publication and history of the Serial Set is available from the...

Governmental Information
Connecticut State Documents

Comprehensive, historical collections of primary materials by and about Connecticut state agencies. Contains materials dating from the late colonial period. Annual reports chronicling governance of the state for the past one hundred fifty years. Legislative support and background materials. Extended series of publications and individual studies done by various agencies collectively record almost every aspect of Connecticut's history, natural resources, socioeconomic condition, culture and quality of life. 

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Connecticut State Library History - Historical Images of the State Library & Supreme Court Building

Images of the Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court Building, including its construction, architectural details, staff, newspaper clippings and documents of historical interest.

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Connecticut Veterans Commemorative Booklets

Image of Connecticut Veterans Commemorative Booklet cover Souvenir...

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Federal Documents

Regional Federal Depository Library for Connecticut and Rhode Island; receives and retains all publications, in all formats, distributed by the U. S. Government Printing Office. Comprehensive collection of Presidential materials (executive orders, papers, commission reports, budgets), Congressional materials (reports, documents, hearings, public acts, Congressional Record); judicial materials (rulings, reports, studies); federal agency publications (annual reports, periodicals, studies, administrative decisions, regulatory material); extensive historical coverage.

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Founding Documents of Connecticut

Connecticut, the "Constitution State," has a rich history of written governmental and civil documents that helped bind and create first a British colony, and later one of the original thirteen United States of America. The Founding Documents collection focuses on the historic documents that helped guide and frame what Connecticut became both governmentally and geographically.

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Governors Portraits and Photographs

Images of Connecticut's governors.

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Index to Hospital Reports

Hospital Reports is a 112-volume set of official reports from psychiatric hospitals in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and South Africa, covering a period from roughly 1830 to 1896. Forty-one U.S. states and five Canadian provinces are represented.

These reports were collected by the Connecticut Hospital for the Insane in Middletown (currently the Connecticut Valley Hospital, then and now an official state agency), and given to the Connecticut State Library in Hartford. The set mainly comprises annual or biennial reports of...

Index to Hospital Reports
Internet Archive

Connecticut State Library Collections on the Internet Archive - screenshotState and federal publications, reports, and documents from the collections of the Connecticut State Library, Archives, and Museum of Connecticut History. These publications have been scanned and made accessible through the Internet Archive, so they can be downloaded in a variety of formats or can be viewed online....

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Law and Legislation - Overview of Collection

In addition to a full array of subject-specific legal reference books available via traditional print and databases, our law collection also includes:

  • Statutes, regulations, and case law from all 50 States and Federal jurisdictions
  • CT Appellate and Supreme as well as U.S. Supreme Court records and briefs
  • Periodicals, encyclopedias, online resources)
  • Current and historical statutes and session laws of the American states
  • Current and historical Connecticut legislative documents, including all bills, acts,...
Research Databases Law & Legislation
Legislative Archives (Permanent Bill File)

The library maintains files of every bill introduced in the Connecticut General Assembly since 1911.  Earliest years encompass final versions only while files beginning in the 1950s may include substitute versions, file copies, amendments, as well as supplementary material like fiscal notes & constituent letters.  From the 1980s through the early 2000s, bill files may contain added testimony not added to bound transcript volumes in our collection.

Law & Legislation
Legislative Histories

The State Library maintains the only complete collection of transcripts from Connecticut legislative committee hearings and proceedings from both chambers of the General Assembly.

Guide to Connecticut Legislative History ContentDM Law & Legislation
Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped Collection

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Recorded books & necessary playback equipment, Braille books and magazines (available for free loan by mail to state residents who are unable to read conventional print because of a visual or physical disability).

LBPH Catalog
Local Government

Local Government
Records and publications of Connecticut towns, boroughs, cities, counties and school districts from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries.

Finding Aids Local Governments

Manuscript collections include letters, diaries, account books, minutes of organizations' meetings, and genealogies, and cover subjects in Connecticut history: politics; military, economic, industrial, religious, social, maritime and naval history; Native American Indians; women; education; individuals and families; architecture; professional organizations; public health and medicine; transportation; law; agriculture; public art and photography

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Merritt Parkway Construction - Documents and images

Merritt Parkway Construction photoDocuments and images of the development of one of Connecticut's most historic roadways, including reports and photos of...

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Museum collection

Artifacts of Connecticut industry, history, and culture, including firearms, numismatics, hand and machine tools, clocks, architecture, militaria, mass produced consumer goods, and material culture.

Library materials on artifact collection areas; Connecticut manufacturers' catalogs; materials relating to Colt Manufacturing Co.; museum administration, collection management, exhibitions, and...

Museum artifacts
Newspapers Collection at the Connecticut State Library

Connecticut town newspapers, including every daily newspaper and the majority of weekly papers, business newspapers, and special interest publications; major national newspapers; indexes to the newspaper collections.

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Newspapers of Connecticut

Searchable scans of Connecticut newspapers from the State Library collection.

Pictorial Collections

Photographs, posters, glass negatives, slides, postcards, and bookplates, etc. with emphasis on Connecticut events, people, and places. Highlights include photographs of Hartford and New Haven, state legislators, Connecticut architecture, and the Civil War.

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Probate Records

Probate records contain information about family relationships, property holdings and values, and land and building descriptions and descriptions. Documents in probate records include wills; petitions for probate or administration; bonds, inventories and accounts; receipts from heirs and/or creditors; and petitions for dower, support, distribution, or division. In addition to handling estates of deceased persons, Connecticut probate courts also handled guardianships, adoptions, and conservatorships of "incompetent" persons.


Today, Connecticut probate...

Special Collections

Almanacs; Automobile catalogs; Census material; Children's literature; Colt Collection; Congressional Journals; Connecticut bicentennial collection, 1776-1976; Connecticut industrial collection; Connecticut sheet music collection; early Connecticut acts and laws; early New England imprints; election sermons; Enfield Shaker collection; 19th century Connecticut manufacturers' catalogs; trade collection of 19th century newspapers.

Special Genealogical File

Special Genealogical File
Folders arranged alphabetically by family or town name include some family Bible records not included in the Family Bible Records Index, researchers' notes, corrections to the Barbour Collection and to other records, and uncataloged periodicals. Searchable through the library catalog.

State Government Publications in the Connecticut Digital Archive

The Connecticut Digital Archive ensures that publications of Connecticut state government issued only in electronic format would be collected, cataloged, and preserved for current and future use.

Official publications of the agencies of the State of Connecticut. Many of the documents are born-digital and are not readily available through any other portal. We recommend consulting our online catalog when searching this collection.

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