State Aid Grants to Connecticut Public Libraries

Program Description
Each of the 165 principal public libraries in the state that meets the eligibility requirements may apply for and receive an annual state aid grant. A principal public library is one which has been so designated by the local municipal governing board. A municipality may have more than one public library, but may designate only one library as its principal public library.

Amount of Funds Available
The 2014-2015 State Budget allocated $203,569.
The 2013-2014 State Budget allocated $203,569.
The 2012-2013 State Budget allocated $203,569.
The 2011-2012 State Budget allocated $207,692.
The 2010-2011 State Budget allocated $347,109.

Grant Awards
FY 2013/2014 State Aid Payments (PDF)
FY 2012/2013 State Aid Payments (PDF)

All principal public libraries in the state of Connecticut that electronically submit a locked Public Library Annual Statistical Report and Application for State Aid with the State Library no later than November 15, participate in Connecticard, provide equal access to library materials without charging individuals residing in the town for borrower cards or for use of the library's basic collections and services, do not discriminate, certify that the library's annual tax levy or appropriation has not been reduced to an amount which is less than the average amount levied or appropriated for the library in the preceding three years [this last requirement has been suspended for FY2011, FY2012, FY2013,FY2014,FY2015 Annual Grants].

Grant Expenditure Statutory Requirements
State aid funds must be used for general library purposes, which is defined in the state statutes as all functions of a public library, including the purchase of land or the construction, alteration or remodeling of buildings. In addition, state aid funds must be expended within two years of receipt, unless a library has received authority to carry over funds beyond the two year limit. For municipal libraries that need to make this known to their town or city may use this Memo to Municipal Fiscal Officers (PDF).

Amount of the Grant
The formula for determining grant amounts is included in the state statutes. It provides for a base grant of $1200 to each library, plus additional amounts for equalization based on town AENGLC (Adjusted Equalized Net Grand List Per Capita) rankings and for incentive based on each town's per capita library expenditures.

Key Dates
By August 1 - The State Library provides each public library with an Annual Statistical Report and Application for Payment of a State Grant form on the Internet (password protected).
By November 15 - Reports must be completed by libraries.
By April 1 - Libraries receive state aid payments.

Statutory References
Conn. General Statutes (CGS) 11-24a, 11-24b. Regulations of Conn. State Agencies, Sec. 11-24b-1, 11-24b-2, 11-24b-3.
Annual Support for a Lifetime of Learning: State Grants to Public Libraries Triennial Report

Funding Source
State: General Fund

Connecticut State Library
Division of Library Development
Library Specialist: Tom Newman

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