Bible and Family Records Index

This project was initiated under the direction of Lucius B. Barbour and continued under the supervision of his successor, Harold S. Burt. Most work was done during the years 1932-4, 1937-41, 1944-5, and 1953-5. It is one of the indexes included in the Genealogy Index Search that we offer. See also the Personal and Family records in our Digital Collections. 


Slip Index/Abstract

The slip index of approximately 25,000 entries transcribed from Bibles and other family records covers the 1600s to the early 1900s. Each alphabetically-arranged slip contains an abstract of an event (birth, marriage, death, etc.) from a particular record. At the bottom of the slip are citations to volumes and page numbers of a 26-volume set of Bible and Family Records transcriptions. The bound volumes often give information on other members of the family.


Bound Volumes

The bound volumes consist of information transcribed onto set forms, together with a cover page giving the original source, notation of its owner and location at the time the material was deposited with the State Library, name of the individual transcribing the record, and date of transcription. Each volume also includes an index to that specific volume.


Volume 27 of this set is not included in the Bible and Family Records slip index, so it is necessary to consult the index in the back of the volume.


In many cases either the original record or a Photostat is housed at the State Library, either in the "Special Genealogical File" in the H&G reading room or in State Archives Record Group 74.

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