Using Secured Collections, Archives, and Offsite Materials

Collections, including the State Archives, that require special care and handling because of their unique nature, their fragility, or a combination of factors are located in limited access areas. All such materials have 'Location': "Offsite", "Spec Coll", or "Cage" in the catalog.


Retrieval Schedule - Offsite

One Offsite retrieval is made each day, Tuesday through Friday. Requests for Offsite material must be submitted prior to 10:00 a.m. You may also call in advance of your visit and request the material to be pulled for a certain day, (860) 757-6580. Most Offsite materials require a Secured Collections card.


Retrieval and Use of Secured Collections

Secured Collections, including archives, manuscripts, 'SpecColl' materials, pre-1850 original newspapers, and original newspapers with catalog location "Offsite", will be retrieved for use in the Archive/Secured Collections reading Area (ARA). Researchers must obtain a Secured Collections card.


Cage Materials

Patrons accompanied by a reference librarian or other staff member may use materials with the Location "Cage" in the Library's catalog. Contact staff at any of the three reference desks, Government Information, History & Genealogy, or Law & Legislation for assistance.