Copies, Copiers, and Change

All copying, regardless of method, is subject to copyright law. The person making or requesting the copy(ies) is responsible for ascertaining whether any copyright or other restrictions exist and for obtaining all necessary permissions.


Machines that dispense and recharge vendacards to be used with the copiers/printers are located in the Law and History & Genealogy Reading Rooms. Purchase of the initial vendacard must be made with a one dollar bill: 30 cents is for the card, and 70 cents is available for copy purchases. Vendacards may be recharged in increments of $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, or $20.00. Additional copies may be added to the vendacard using one or five dollar bills at some photocopiers.



Self-service scanners are available. There is no charge and material can be emailed or saved to your own flash drive.

Computer printouts

Computer printout copies are 15 cents each, and must be paid for by vendacard.

Microform printouts

Microfilm and microfiche reader printer copies are 25 cents each using cash, or 20 cents each using vendacards.


Self-service photocopiers are available. Copies are 15 cents using cash or currency (all machines accept nickels, dimes, or quarters and some accept one and five dollar bills), or 10 cents using vendacards. Patrons are responsible for observing copyright laws.


The library staff does not make change for use in photocopying machines, microfilm printers, computer printers, vendacard dispensers or parking meters, so to avoid disappointment, patrons should come with an ample supply of quarters and dollar bills. One and five-dollar bill changers are available.

Copy Services

CSL provides a number of reprographics services. See link below for fees.