Hale Collection of Newspaper Marriage and Death Notices

This collection of newspaper marriage and death notices was abstracted from 90 of the earliest Connecticut newspapers. The notices generally end with the close of the Civil War, ca. 1865-1866, with the exception of the Danbury Times, which was abstracted to ca. 1900. It is one of the indexes included in the Genealogy Index Search that we offer.


The Death Notices were digitized by Ancestry.com. See the link below to Ancestry.com: Connecticut State Library Collections for more information.


Marriage and Death Notices Index
Both husbands' names and wives' maiden names are given in this alphabetical slip index. The Death notices are inter-filed with the Hale Collection of Cemetery Inscriptions. The slips show the individual's name and date of marriage or death, the name of the newspaper from which the information was abstracted, issue date, and a page number are located at the bottom of each slip. These page numbers refer to volumes of newspaper abstracts; they do not refer to the newspaper itself.


Bound Newspaper Abstract Volumes
Sixty-eight light green loose-leaf volumes (marked "Newspapers") were prepared as a FERA/WPA project under the supervision of Charles R. Hale, ca. 1937-1941. Using the Guide to Volume Arrangement--Newspaper Notices, researchers can determine which volume contains the newspaper and page number of the death notice or marriage notice they are seeking. Most volumes contain several sections (e.g., both marriage and death notices for a given newspaper) separated by gray tabs; be sure to locate the proper section of the volume.


The entries in the newspaper abstracts volumes usually give slightly more information about the marriage or death than is given in the slip index, sometimes including names of the bride's parents or spouse of the decedent. However, most abstracts usually contain less information than what might be expected, and unless the individuals concerned were fairly prominent, or the circumstances of a death fairly unusual, there is usually no additional information given in the actual notices. Published marriage and death notices did not give much personal or family information until the late 1800s. Thus, in most cases checking the actual newspapers will not lead to additional genealogical evidence.


Because of their age and condition, the bound volumes of newspaper marriage and death notices abstracts may not be photocopied. However, the abstracts have been microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah and are available for use at the State Library or through LDS Family History Center


Many of the newspapers abstracted for this project no longer exist. If you are interested in seeing the original notice, check our catalog to determine it is an issue we hold. If it is on microfilm, you may borrow the film through inter-library loan.