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We maintain a comprehensive collection of documents from federal, state and local governments.

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United States legislative and executive documents. Coverage: 1stthrough 25th Congresses, 1789-1838, American State Papers Vols. 1-38. More details in the library catalog.


Public policy issues from Congressional Research Service. Coverage: CRS reports, 1916 - ; Committee Prints, 1830 - Updated Continuously. National and international.


Lists members of the Connecticut General Assembly. The list of state Senators dates back to 1776, and entries for House members begin with 1849.  Database created by the Connecticut State Library.


A dynamic research and reference tool allowing historical analysis of members of Congress, their legislative voting behavior, interest groups, and their interactions in crafting public policy.


American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs from Congressional Quarterly. More details in the library catalog.


Detailed subject and author index to U.S. government magazines and newsletters. Coverage: Updated quarterly with more than 2,000 articles. More details in the library catalog.


State bills and laws, constitutions, regulations, newspapers of record, legislative issues, legislature membership. Coverage: All 50 states.


A finding aid for all publications of the United States government, including those of the Congress and all executive departments, dating from 1895 to 1976.


PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records)  Coverage: Geographic: United States federal courts. Dates of coverage varies with jurisdiction.   Please ask a Librarian for login assistance.


Comprehensive index and selected full-text source for Congressional publications. Coverage: 1819-


Federal, state, local, and international public documents.    Coverage: 1789 - present.


Full-text electronic books on information technology.


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The United States Congressional Serial Set is a bound compilation of House and Senate Documents and House and Senate Reports. Publication began with the 15th Congress/1st session (1817). Documents of the first fourteen Congresses (1789-1816) were published in the American...

Connecticut, the "Constitution State," has a rich history of written governmental and civil documents that helped bind and create first a British colony, and later one of the original thirteen United States of America. The Founding Documents collection focuses on the historic documents...

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NOAA's Arctic Action Plan: Supporting the National Strategy for the Arctic Regions

NOAA's Arctic Action Plan coverAvailable:

Skilled and Resolute: A History of the 12th Evacuation Hospital and the 212th MASH, 1917-2006

by Sanders Marble

Fort Sam Houston, Texas : Borden Institute, US Army Medical Department Center & School ; Falls Church, Virginia : Office of the Surgeon General, United States Army, 2013

The Federal Government has been using comic books for years, recognizing they reach audiences often missed by other publications.

The Connecticut State Library has many of the listed publications in our collection.

Several places have listed the comics, and often link to online versions. Here are just a few: