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We maintain a comprehensive collection of state and federal legal publications and permanently retain all Connecticut legislative bills and transcripts.

Legal Reference Policy

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With more than 900 unique titles and 900,000 pages dedicated to American Indian Law, this collection includes an expansive archive of treaties, federal statutes and regulations, federal case law, tribal codes, constitutions, and jurisprudence. It also features Statutory Compilation of the Indian Law Survey. A Compendium of Federal Laws and Treaties Relating to Indians, Pts. 1-46 (1776-1938), a rare compilation edited by Felix S. Cohen, as well as Cohen's 1940 Temporary Edition of the Handbook of Federal Indian Law.

Contains more than 80 state and local Bar Journals. Search by article title, author, description, date, or across the full text of the articles. This is a component of the Connecticut State Library's subscription to HeinOnline.

State and federal tax laws and regulations for businesses, private individuals and special entities, tax news, information about sales tax and more. Access via CCH Intelliconnect.


Lists members of the Connecticut General Assembly. The list of state Senators dates back to 1776, and entries for House members begin with 1849.  Database created by the Connecticut State Library.


A dynamic research and reference tool allowing historical analysis of members of Congress, their legislative voting behavior, interest groups, and their interactions in crafting public policy.


Comprehensive historical collection of legal and law-related material, including many North American legal journals. Coverage: From 1800's to present. Continually adding new content. More details in the library cataog.

Includes legislative histories, treatises, documents and more related to bankruptcy law in America. It also includes classic books dating back to the late 1800s and links to scholarly articles that are related to the study of bankruptcy in America.

Full text plus indexing of legal journals and books. This content is now provided in our subscription to EBSCO Legal Source.


Indices and tables of contents from legal treatises.
Coverage: International; Updated: Daily.


Provides online full text of top consumer legal reference books addressing a wide-range of legal issues including business & corporations, family affairs & divorce, immigration & travel, money & financial planning, patents, copyrights & trademarks, property & real estate, rights & disputes, and wills & estate planning. Many of these titles are published by Nolo, an established provider of legal information for consumers and small businesses.


Provides full-text coverage of scholarly law journals, information on current issues, and studies and trends in the legal world. The collection includes over 1,200 full-text journals and over 2.5 million records, including book reviews and case citations.


Provides indexing for law reviews, legal newspapers, law specialty publications and bar association journals. Coverage: 1980 - ; International; Updated: Weekly.


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In addition to a full array of subject-specific legal reference books available via traditional print and databases, our law collection also includes:

  • Statutes, regulations, and case law from all 50 States and Federal jurisdictions
  • CT Appellate and...

The library maintains files of every bill introduced in the Connecticut General Assembly since 1911.  Earliest years encompass final versions only while files beginning in the 1950s may include substitute versions, file copies, amendments, as well as supplementary...

The State Library maintains the only complete collection of transcripts from Connecticut legislative committee hearings and proceedings from both chambers of the General Assembly.